Thursday, September 9, 2010

للغائبتان الحاضرتان .. عيدكم سعيد

L.G & سلوي
كل سنة وانتم طيبين وبخير دايما 
كنت عايزه أقولكم انكم وحشتوني جدا
وربنا يجعل عيدكم سعيد وجميل زي قلوبكم


آلام وآمال said...

كل سنة وانتي وهما طيبين

Alaa Salim - علاء سالم said...

كل عام وانتم جميعاً بخير

L.G. said...

ومين سمعك انت كمان وحشاني ونفسي أقعد معاكم ونفسي أرجع أدون
من الآخر كان نفسي أعيش

الحمد لله
سعيد هرب

سلوى said...

كل سنه وانت طيبه ساره
وال جى طيبه
وتكون قفشت سعيد :)

فاطمة ....أم سليم said...

LG, thnx very much for your comments and for visiting my blogspot, yes as you said, I write in my own corner, in my own space.
I have this feeling that life is short; don't know how much of me will my kids remember, I basically write for them so that one day they can read and see how their mother developed and changed. As I think of my late mother; I always have this feeling that I want to know more about her, but simply I can't she left 5 kids behind, a master thesis and a PhD thesis, and never talked about what she thinks, she was here in a listening tour to us, to my father; to others, but what about who she really is?? Something I never knew. That is why I write. By the way I don't want Barad3i or Zowiel, I want the process; the change.
Bless you, very romantic and touchy what you write.
Pls feel free to put a link to my Blog on yours, my pleasure.

اقصوصه said...

واحنا ما لنا عيد سعيد بعد؟؟